Alcohol Indulgence

If you have had a chance to witness the negative results of drug abuse and alcoholism from the people you know, you will never love to taste a pinch of it. Most addicts knew the dangers of drugs and alcohol, but still, they happened to become avid users. This happens because most of us do not understand the causes of using drugs and alcohol. In fact, if you do not want to use alcohol and other drugs, you have to know the danger zones. There are several things you can do to live happily and without drugs and alcohol. In this regard, the following are comprehensive tips on diverting drug and alcohol indulgence.

The environmentAlcohol

The first thing that you should do to avoid the trap of alcoholism and drug abuse is understanding the kind of environment you live in. Make sure that you do not reside in a place which is dominated by drug and substance abusers. This will always help you to escape the influence and temptations that may come from your peers and those living around you.

Avoid visiting places that are known for drug and substance abuse. Avoid going to night clubs where people go to have alcoholic drinks, and some use hard drugs. If in college be wary of drug abuse. Drug and substance abuse can put your life at risk because when you are under their influence, you can make impaired judgments. Therefore, it is fair enough for you to avoid any environment that is exposed to drugs and alcohol.

Your family history

The second factor is your family history. Once you know your family history over drug and alcohol use, you will stand a high chance of escaping and not getting into the trap. It is advisable to investigate on people in your family that were addicts. Although drug use and alcoholism are not exactly inherited, there are character traits that are genetically passed which may lure you into drug and alcohol use. Obviously, there are things that make somebody use drugs, and if your family has a trait of getting too emotional over petty issues, then you are at high risk of becoming an addict. While family characters have something to do with how you handle stress, you can avoid stress so that at the end you are not into alcohol and drugs.


Many things can attract one to start using drugs and alcohol. Therefore it is advisable to point out all the things that could draw you to drug and alcohol use. Once you know all these, you will be able to avoid this menace. If it is your friends, who can influence you, make sure you cut off hanging around together. If it is poverty that could get you become stressed and resolve to drink, make sure you read hard and find a good job. If it is the environment you dwell in, then you can relocate as aforementioned above.

Get physical and always busy

Tips On Diverting Drug And Alcohol IndulgenceThe best and most recommended thing for both addicts under rehabilitation and those who have not gotten into it is avoiding idleness. They say an idle mind is the devil’s work shop. Therefore when you are always engaged, you cannot fall in. Make sure you use your free time doing physical exercises and helping the community or playing games. All that will keep you away from all the temptations.