essential oils

Advantages of using essential oils

Essential oils have had a broad range of use and for the longest period ever. Most people use essential oils for various purposes depending on the different needs. The oils have mostly been used for medicinal purposes like ADHD essential oils which help children to treat the condition or counter its growth and also for healthy uses.
On the other hand, the essential oils have been used as cleaning products in the house, for beauty, as medical treatments and also for aromatherapy. The oils are obtained from the distillation or extraction of various parts of plants like leaves, flowers, bark, resin, peels, and roots. However, as much as essential oils have been used for a long time still some people do not understand what they are and the facts about the oils. In this article, we guide you on the various facts that will make you understand essential oils and how they can be of great benefits to your health.

Are not real oils

As much as essential oils have the name “oil”, they are not the actual oils that we know since they do not  essential oilscontain the fatty acids which are the element that constitutes the actual oil. The essential oils are plant components that have medicinal and cosmetic potential.

Have antibacterial properties

Some essential oils like lemon, peppermint, and grapefruit are used in cleaning homes. This is because the oils contain the antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial features which enable them to clean and sanitize surfaces.

Essential oils last longer

This is a very positive advantage as to why you should consider buying essential oils for your home use. Most essential oils will last up to five years without going bad. Due to this factor, you will be able to save a significant amount of money because you will not be required the oils every time you want to use. You will buy a big bottle that in most cases is a little cheaper and will serve you anytime you are in need.

Are  purely natural

 essential oilsThe aspect that essential oils are natural makes them greatly preferred for use because natural products do not have side effects since they do not contain added chemicals. This is why you will realize that all pharmaceutical medicines do not contain essential oils.

Highly absorbent

The molecular size of essential oils is minuscule in nature and hence makes the oils to be easily absorbed into the skin. It is for this reason that the essential oils are used in personal care ingredients to soften, nourish and heal the skin.…

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